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  • Li Jianhua
    President of CPICC, Board of Chairman of Huatai Group
  • Li Hongxin
    Honorary President of CPICC, Chairman of Sun Paper
  • Huang Xin
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman of China Paper Corporation
  • Li Jianshao
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman of Asia Symbol
  • Zhu Genrong
    Vice President of CPICC, Board Chairman of Zhejiang Huazhang Tecnology
  • Zhu Yong
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman of Beijing JinguanFangzhou Paper Logistics CO.,Ltd
  • Shen Genlian
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman Vanov Group
  • Li Guihua
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman of Dongguan Jianhui Paper
  • Li Na
    Vice President of CPICC, Vice Chairman of Sun Paper
  • Feng Ronghua
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman of Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd
  • Li Huihua
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman of Dongguan Jinzhou Paper
  • Cheng Yanjun
    Independent Supervisor of CPICC, Director of Environment Protection Research Institute of Light Industry
  • Ilkka Hamala
    CEO of Metsa Fibre
  • Connie Bi
    Pulp Sales Director, APAC UPM
  • Li Jianming
    General Manager Business Unit, Oji Paper International Trading (Shanghai) Co.,ltd.
  • Xu Lianjie
    Honorary President of CPICC CEO, Hengan Group
  • Yang Yanliang
    Chairman of Shandong Bohui Paper Co., Ltd.,
  • Li Chaowang
    Advisor of CPICC, Board Chairman of Vinda International Holdings Limited
  • Jason Zhang
    Vice President of CPICC, Chairman Vinda (China) Paper Co., Ltd
  • Cao Zhenlei
    Advisor of CPICC,Deputy GM of Sinolight Corporation
  • Guo Haiquan
    Advisor of CPICC, Technical Director of Henan Investment Group
  • Jeff Yang
    Adviser of CPICC, Managing Director of Suzano Pulp and Paper Asia
  • Guo Yongxin
    Advisor of CPICC, Deputy secretary of China National Light Industry Council,Director of IB departm
  • Aaron Yu
    President of StoraEnso Asia
  • Brian Dillon
    Director Global Sourcing Fibers, SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS GMBH
  • Ken Duffy
    Vice President, Sals Paper Pulp Rayonier Advanced Materials
  • Wanyan Shaohua
    Marketing Director of APRIL GROUP
  • David Evans
    Sales Director, New Forests Timber Products
  • LI Xiaoliang
    Chaiman ShanDong Hutai Paper
  • Li Zhan
    Director, Procurement Center ,China Paper Corporation
  • Bill Adams
    Senior Director, Sustainability, Technical Services and Innovation for Canfor Pulp
  • Joe Nemeth
    CEO, Catalyst Paper
  • Richard Su
    Chief Procurement Officer, Vinda International Holdings Limited
  • Sunil Sood
    Senior adviser to shareholders APP
  • Harri Vertanen
    Vice President, East & Southeast Asia Mets Fibre
  • Liu Mingming
    VP of Global Technology and Enterprise Development, APP (China)
  • Jimmy S.H. Lee
    Chairman, President & CEO Mercer International
  • Niu Qingmin
    President of Jiangsu Province Paper Industry
  • Rod Young
    Chief Economic Adviser of the RISI
  • Chen Dongqi
    Former Vice dean of Macro economy research institute of NRDC
  • Chen Feng
    General Manager of Marketing & Sales Center of COSCO SHIPPING SPECIALIZED CARRIER CO., LTD.
  • 经济学家
  • Brian McClay
    President of Brian McClay & Associates Inc
  • Song Wangqiu
    President of Mets? Asia
  • Levi Li
    Managing Director,RISI China Ltd.
    Vision Hunters Partner
  • Fraser hart
    trade tree online ManagingPartner
  • Li Jianming
    General Manager, Sales Dept., Oji Paper International Trade (Shanghai) Co.
  • Tomas Wiklund
    Vice President, UPM
  • Ricardo Strauszer
    Business Director, Arauco
  • Hu Wei
    Marketing Director of APRIL GROUP
  • walter schalka
    CEO of New Suzano
  • Imso Nousiainen
    Metsa? Fiber Group CEO