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CPICC is a leading Chinese paper industry association and is directly administrated by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC). CPICC consists of the key enterprises in various sectors of Chinese paper industry.  It was initiated by some of the top Chinese pulp and paper companies including Huatai Group, Sun Paper, Nine Dragons, China Paper, Bohui Paper, Hengan, Vinda, Asia Symbol, Huazhang Technology, Sunshine Paper, Dahe Paper, Jianhui Paper, Shengda Group, Vanov Group, Rongsheng Paper, Dongguan Jinzhou Paper, etc. and plays the role as a bridge between government and the industry. Currently it has some 300 members and the members come from 20 different provinces in China and their businesses involve paper, chemicals, machinery, packaging, printing, forestry, R&D, media, publishing, and international trade.

As a national industry organization operating under the international standards, CPICC has rallied several global top 5 paper producers including International Paper, Stora Enso, UPM, Oji Paper, etc. and built strong partnerships with the leading equipment and automation suppliers such as Valmet, Voith, Andritz, ABB and Siemens. CPICC has also established long-term relationships with paper industry associations in Europe, US, Canada, Japan, Finland and India. It is the main industry organization representing Chinese paper industry and the related sectors.

Contact us:

Tel:+86 10 65185578/84980531
Add:Rm. 1603, No.5 jinchengjianguo, No.5 jianguomen North St, Dongcheng District, Beijing ,China 100005