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Conference Brief

Shanghai Pulp Week

Shanghai Pulp Week is an annual event hosted by China Paper & Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce, with full support from 18 local and global renowned paper companies. It has also formed a long-term strategic partnership with 7 leading international pulp manufacturers. 

China Pulp Week takes place in Shanghai mid-March each year.  All of the meetings and activities of China Pulp Week are organized and executed according to international rules and common practices. The main tasks of the event are:

1.    To provide international pulp, paper, raw materials, trade, logistic and financial companies and professionals with an open and fare communication platform;

2.    To provide a full range of support to help global pulp suppliers and service providers to enter China market and Chinese paper producers to understand the global pulp markets;

3.    To help establish a balanced, stable and sustainable pulp market order for the global pulp suppliers and buyers. 

Based on the global and Chinese pulp market situation and hot issues, China Pulp Week will have different themes. Over the last three years, the themes were: “Gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese pulp and paper marker” (2015), “China paper industry’s 13th Five-year Plan under growth pattern reform” (2016) and “2017 Reshuffle in China pulp market” (2017). 


As the leading consumer and producer of paper and board globally, China is also the world’s largest importer of pulp and recovered papers.  The country imported some 28 million tons of recovered papers and 21 million tons of pulp in 2016 (more than one-third of world’s market pulp).  During 2011-16, China’s imports of pulp have been growing at more than 7.8% per year. As the country is tightening its environmental regulations on imported recovered papers, demand for imported pulp is expected to grow faster, at an estimated rate of 8-10% per year. China is currently the only expanding pulp market globally, comparing to all the key players.  As the result, it is also the most watched market by all of the international pulp suppliers. 

As a major Chinese papermaking fiber event, China Pulp Week originated in 2007.  In 2015, CPICC started to host this annual event and officially renamed it “Shanghail Pulp Week”. Since then, China Pulp Week has been reorganized and promoted in many ways, from the organization of the event, timing, contents, activities to participants and sponsors. It was changed from a two-day conference to a week-long global industry gathering, including a main forum, seminars, welcome reception, gala dinner, senior summit, press releases, etc. It has become the largest, most attended and most important international pulp event. 


Host: CPICC is a leading Chinese paper industry association and is directly administrated by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC). CPICC consists of the key enterprises in various sectors of Chinese paper industry.  It was initiated by some of the top Chinese pulp and paper companies including Huatai Group, Sun Paper, Nine Dragons, China Paper, Bohui Paper, Hengan, Vinda, Asia Symbol, Huazhang Technology, Sunshine Paper, Dahe Paper, Jianhui Paper, Shengda Group, Vanov Group, Rongsheng Paper, Dongguan Jinzhou Paper, etc. and plays the role as a bridge between government and the industry. Currently it has some 300 members and the members come from 20 different provinces in China and their businesses involve paper, chemicals, machinery, packaging, printing, forestry, R&D, media, publishing, and international trade. 

As a national industry organization operating under the international standards, CPICC has rallied several global top 5 paper producers including International Paper, Stora Enso, UPM, Oji Paper, etc. and built strong partnerships with the leading equipment and automation suppliers such as Valmet, Voith, Andritz, ABB and Siemens. CPICC has also established long-term relationships with paper industry associations in Europe, US, Canada, Japan, Finland and India. It is the main industry organization representing Chinese paper industry and the related sectors. 

Supporters and Sponsors: China Pulp Week has the full support of 18 top international and Chinese pulp and paper companies, including Huatai Group, Sun Paper, Nine Dragons, China Paper, Bohui Paper, Hengan, Vinda, Huazhang Technology, Sunshine Paper, Dahe Paper, Jianhui Paper, Shengda Group, Vanov Group, Asia Symbol, Jinzhou Paper, Stora Enso, UPM, Oji Paper etc. Dalian Port, China Shipping, Changsu Port, Qingdao Port, Amazon Chemical also sponsored China Pulp Week in the past. 

Strategic Partners: Since 2015, a number of the leading global pulp suppliers, such as Stora Enso, UPM, Suzano, Metsa Fiber, Eldorado, Asia Symbol and Oji, have been endorsing China Pulp Week and become its long-term strategic partners. 

Co-organizers: China Pulp Week has gained strong support from some major international pulp and paper industry consultants and information service providers, e.g. Poyry, RISI, Fisher, etc. RISI has been sponsoring the event over the last years. 


China Pulp Week is aimed mainly to service global pulp suppliers, buyers and service providers and to build a “balanced, stable and sustainable pulp market” in China. China Pulp Week is able to help participants gain a thorough and deeper understanding of the Chinese pulp and paper market. 


CPICC will uphold open and inclusive, reciprocal sharing, and win-win principles; focus on China market but with a global view; cooperate with industry organizations and corporations around the world; and promote exchanges, coordination and collaboration among pulp producers, paper makers, service providers and international traders, in order to (1) develop the “China Pulp Week” into an important platform which attracts global pulp professionals to meet and network, has significant impact on the global pulp market and guides a smooth development of the pulp sector and (2) build a “balanced, stable and sustainable”global pulp market. 

Main Events

China Pulp Week consists of various functions and activities. The main events are “CPICC International Pulp Forum”, “Welcome Reception”, “Special Seminars”, “Senior Summit”, “Title Sponsor Reception”, “Supplier Reception”, “Press Release”, etc. 


Since 2015, China Pulp Week has attracted more than 500 participants each year from Chinese and international pulp, paper, logistic, international trade, financial and equipment companies.

The main companies represented in China Pulp Week over the last years include: Huatai Group, Sun Paper, Nine Dragons, China Paper, Bohui, Hengan, Vinda, Huazhang Technology, Sunshine Paper, Dahe Paper, Jianhui Paper, Shengda Group, Vanov Group, Asia Symbol, Stora Enso, UPM, APP, Suzano, Metsa Fiber, Eldorado, APRIL, Oji Paper, Arauco, Fibria, CNG, CMPC, Canfor, Tembec, Catalyst、Mercer.